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    The time of journalism appearance is considered to be on that day in 1073 that the first issue of the Vedomosti, Russia's first official ... Далее

    Russian News

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    Russian News The time of journalism appearance is considered to be on that day in 1073 that the first issue of the Vedomosti, Russia's first official newspaper established by Peter the Great, came out of print. Its main task, as distinct from the European commercial publications, was to carry out political views propaganda, political indoctrination concerning reformations, independence and etc.
    The second great edition was Moskovskie Vedomosti which was created in 1755 under the guidance of M.V. Lomonosov.
    The appearance of primary publications stimulated the development of Russian journalism.
    Privet editions came off the press in the middle of the 18th century, as the example Sumarkov’s magazine was one of such editions. It was intended for the nobility.
    Satirical magazines came out lately. They slung off at wickedness of society, discussed long-standing social problems.
    In spite of limited direction and small audience, owing to illiteracy of people, 18th century publications and journalism made a great contribution to literature development and informational support of people.
    In the period of Alexander's I rule appeared literary institutions, they published new magazines and almanacs. Although their numerical strength increased, they still had the same political direction.
    The 19th century introduced a number of improvements in the sphere of journalism.
    Monthly publications came off the press at that time, and also appeared such specialists as a main author and a literary critic. However, the authority of the publication was dictated by the critic – publicist. It is also appeared freedom of speech, Russian publications in emigration contributed to this. The law concerning the censorship cancellation in press was passed in 1865. But it enlarged upon city editions and books which contained more than 10 pages.
    Monthly magazine came out and was intended for the intelligentsia and for those for whom the life of the society was not indifferent. They touch socio-political questions, and very often religious and moral issues.
    At the same time the quality and the quantity of newspapers increased, demand in mass media also growth among people.
    In the middle of the 20th century weekly newspapers, commercial and entertainment editions became popular. Entrenchment of capitalism and the increase of literacy among people were ministerial to it. The growth of various press expanded. The readership became wider.
    In the early 20th century more qualitative press took shape. But in connection with revolution of 1917 all old periodicals were closed. Soon appeared the first Soviet newspapers such as Gudok, Bednota and etc.
    Russian Telegraph Agency (ROSTA) was organized in 1918. It trained specialists in the sphere of journalism, attended publishing activities.
    In the 20’s Soviet journalism was formed and grew strong, publishing industry increased, appeared new genres such as feuilleton and sketch.
    The Great Patriotic War brought the decline of Soviet press, newspaper circulations decreased, and many other editions stopped publishing. However in the postwar period mass medium was rehabilitated and informed people about the success of the country.
    In the 50’s - 80's Izvestiya was a very large newspaper, in its staff worked the best specialists.
    In the 90’s appeared the first representatives of so called yellow press. It has huge circulations and contains fictional reports about UFO, poltergeist, interviews with magicians, paranormalists, scandalous people and etc. And at this particular time such yellow press started to make a people like “cattle”. Many newspapers had such disease and even now some of them continue to suffer from it.

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