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  • To fix the 2nd of September the mourning date – the day of genocide of the Russian!

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    The time of journalism appearance is considered to be on that day in 1073 that the first issue of the Vedomosti, Russia's first official newspaper established by Peter the Great, came out of print. Its main task, as distinct from the European ... Далее

    Russian Press Review

    01/05/2009 Просмотров: 3391

    Russian Press Review It is said that without the past there is neither the present nor the future, and what may be worse for a human being, a state and a country than rejection of the roots and ignorance of cultural and historic facts?

    Here we are going to publish translated analytical news articles about events taking place in Russia and give them historical and cultural analysis.

    It is important to note that initially these news articles have been published at other Russian information resources covering those events, phenomenon and occasions in Russia that have been set aside or distorted by official sources. As an example of such event we may cite the coverage of juvenile justice instituted in Russia despite meeting counteraction from parents, teachers and some politicians. Our part of job we see in analysis and translation of these articles giving the world community an opportunity to look at things from rather different point of view that is by bringing them into correlation with events, phenomena and occasions taking place in Russia’s historical and cultural past. At the same time these articles will provide the world community with the knowledge on the part of the Russians’, especially that one that shares Russian patriarchal views, attitude towards events in Russia and in the whole world.

    The name of our site Domoderzhets echoes our purpose of shedding light on events in Russia through the prism of Russian cultural and historical background. Literally it means the master of the house, a good contriver who is diligent in taking care of his house, and in our case in the whole country being guided by the great creation of Russian life called Domostroy* or, putting it differently, Encyclopaedia of Russian Life giving every day precepts and helpful advice.

    Doing our utmost to restore the Russian culture, in the Russian version of Domoderzhets we give materials using pre-reform, traditional Russian orthography which presents written language as a special one existing along with the spoken but at the same time being different. It is the principle of orthography which underlies most west-european orthographies including French and English.

    As far back as in the beginning of the 20th century the Russian poet symbolist Vyacheslav Ivanov wrote: “Our language is recorded in good and fine-looking letters: it is contrived to be new, seemingly pared-down, but in fact more embarrassing, - because it is less precise like a worn down coin, - spelling which breaks successively created symmetry and completeness of its inscriptive forms reflecting its morphological structure like an accurate mirror”.

    Some examples will show you how rich and original the Russian language was before as much as four letters had been eliminated from the Russian alphabet and there had been made the transfer to a phonetic principle of orthography. Thus, before the reform such homonyms as modern Russian words “мир” had spellings performing a meaning differentiating function: “миръ” (antonym of war) and “мiръ” (synonym of the universe); after the reform the word “лѣсъ” acquired a completely different look – “лес” having made the poet Blok who was a formidable opponent of the changes imposed on the language complain that for him “Forest has appeared to be naked”…

    We have high hopes that the articles topical from the point of view of the Russian patriarchal part of Russian society published here will give you an objective insight into events and occasions in Russia, Russian people’s attitude towards them and enrich you in terms of knowledge and, what is more important, understanding of the Russian history and culture.

    *Domostroy is the literary monument of the 16th century. It is a carefully worked out code of rules for public, religious and, in particular, family and household life. It contains valuable information on the social structure in the Russian state, gives a thorough and detailed description of everyday life of the high-born boyars and merchants. Domostroy served to the Russians not only as a moral code but also as a family life guide and a household encyclopaedia

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