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Russian News The time of journalism appearance is considered to be on that day in 1073 that the first issue of the Vedomosti, Russia's first official newspaper established by Peter the Great, came out of print. Its main task, as distinct from the European commercial publications, was to carry out political views propaganda, political indoctrination concerning reformations, independence and etc. The second great edition was Moskovskie Vedomosti which was created in 1755 under the guidance of M.V. Lomonosov. The appearance of primary publications ... Далее

Russian Press Review

Russian Press Review It is said that without the past there is neither the present nor the future, and what may be worse for a human being, a state and a country than rejection of the roots and ignorance of cultural and historic facts? Here we are going to publish translated analytical news articles about events taking place in Russia and give them historical and cultural analysis. It is important to note that initially these news articles have been published at other Russian information resources covering those events, phenomenon and occasions in Russia ... Далее
 О реальной красоте журналы не пишут
 О реальной красоте журналы не пишут

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Придумай слово Здравствуйте! Давайте поиграемъ въ игру, которую я придумалъ только сейчасъ. И называется она – «Придумай слово». Суть игры заключается въ томъ, что ... Далее



Крестины Казалось бы, рожденіе новаго человѣка — одно изъ главныхъ жизненныхъ событій — должно было сопровождаться обрядомъ на уровнѣ свадебнаго. Но такой обрядъ либо ... Далее